Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants

Alohacherie Pop-Up Restaurant

The Alohachérie started as a vegetarian catering service and later opened the largest vegan pop-up restaurant in Germany. The meals are regionally and seasonally inspired, reinterpreted German classics in Fusion with Mediterranean influences. The aim is to become the first vegan star restaurant worldwide. Try out!

Eventkontor Ottensen, Friesenweg 5, (Ottensen)
Tel: +49 (0)152 25 42 52 88 oder +49 (0)40 73 05 17 33


La Monella

(La Monella / Facebook)

This Italian restaurant is located in the souterrain level of the building and offers vegetarian food only. In addition to a small menu with fresh anti-pasto, pasta and salad dishes, La Monella offers a large board with changing delicacies. In La Monella, lovers of Italy really get their money’s worth, even without Saltimbocca & co.

Hallerplatz 12 (Rotherbaum)
Tel: +49 40 45 61 62


(G(l)ut’n’free / Facebook)

This gluten-free supermarket is situated in the heart of the Ottensen district. G(l)ut’n’free caters for all those who would like to (or have to) eat gluten-free – whether it is muesli, bread spread, pizza and pasta, or different flour varieties and baking ingredients. And if you fancy a snack after your grocery shopping you are guaranteed to find a tasty treat in the adjoining café. So why not try one of the delicious muffins and other sweet pastries and a latte macchiato, cappuccino or tea – all gluten-free, of course.

Spritzenplatz 10
Tel. +49 40 325 225 25



Catharina Bernhardt greets her guests with a  handshake and a beaming smile in his comfortable vegan kitchen. The open kitchen with its seating area is clear-cut and yet cosy, and the owner’s motto is framed on the wall: “Eat beautiful – feel beautiful”. At lunchtime, Chatharina offers main courses, soups, vegan cakes and desserts at fair prices.

Feldstraße 36 ((Karolinenviertel)


(Kombüse / Facebook)

Lovely Mexican snack restaurant with an iconic St Pauli atmosphere. While not all food is vegetarian, the team will be happy to create vegetarian variations upon request. The restaurant focusses on burritos, enchiladas and delicious guacamole. Tip: quickly go to the counter and order, collect your number and pay later.

Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse 51 (St. Pauli)
Tel: +49 40 63 94 79 18


(Tassajara / Yelp)

For over 30 years, this Eppendorf institution has been demonstrating just how creative meatless cuisine can be. The Tassajara offers everything from home-made wholegrain pies and cakes and daily special menus to a large antipasto buffet. Its small artisan shop offers vegetarian products such as tea, biscuits, chocolate, incense sticks, cakes, snacks and salads for take-away.

Eppendorfer Landstrasse 4 (Eppendorf)
Tel: +49 40-483801

Osho Ayu-Leela

(Osho Ayu-Leela)

The Osho Ayu-Leela is Hamburg’s only authentic Ayurvedic Indian restaurant. During lunchtime, the sun shines into the cosy dining room and the friendly, relaxed atmosphere makes you feel at home. The owner’s motto can be felt straight away: eating should be meditative – with a prayer in your heart.

Mundsburger Damm 41 (Uhlenhorst)
Tel: +49 (0)40  229 81 09


Café Koppel

(Cafè Koppel / Yelp)

Situated in a courtyard on the Lange Reihe, this café with its garden strives to be an island of peace. And yet it is much more than that: it has been an institution in the St Georg district for two decades. The historic factory building of Koppel 66, which also includes artists’ workshops, exudes a friendly charm. The Koppel 66 also hosts changing exhibitions. Breakfast goes on all day.

Koppel 66 (St Georg)
Tel: +49 40 24 92 35

The Vegan Eagle

(The Vegan Eagle / Yelp)

The owners of The Vegan Eagle have created a lovely setting in this former Chinese restaurant – with great attention to detail and an eye on sustainability. The colourful mix of recycled furniture and second-hand crockery fits into the overall picture: pretty but not chichi, sustainable, but not eco. The vegan food is delicious and varied, and you can tell that the chefs have travelled the world.

Wischhöfen 4 (Langenhorn)
Tel: +49 40 28 47 87 67