2019 Rotary Convention in Hamburg

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Over the coming days, Hamburg will be transformed into “Rotary City” as more than 25,000 Rotary members from around the globe will be getting together in Hamburg from 1 to 5 June 2019 for the annual international meeting. The event is considered to be one of the most prestigious and international congresses worldwide and touches the hearts not only of the Rotary community, but also that of the host city and its residents. After all, the Rotary idea also includes spreading the club’s values across the city.

In the run up and during the 2019 Rotary Convention you will find here some information, text material and photos helping you in your editorial work.

About Hamburg

Today, Hamburg ranks among Germany’s most popular destinations. Every year, about 7 million people visit the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, among them many international guests. With 1.8 million inhabitants, this city in the north is Germany’s second largest city and constitutes the centre of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, which comprises more than five million residents. Life in Hamburg is shaped by two rivers: the Elbe with Europe’s third biggest port, and the smaller Alster with its dammed-up lake in the city centre. When strolling around the city, visitors will repeatedly encounter these two rivers, which are surrounded by a maritime city that includes anything from the elegant district of Blankenese to vibrant off-scene quarters such as the Schanzenviertel.

Hamburg News on Rotary International Convention

Hamburg to host Rotary International Convention
27 May 2019 - Messe Hamburg becomes venue - local economy expecting EUR 24 million in revenue

Hamburg to host Rotary International Convention 
13 July 2018 - Over 15,000 registrations and counting for international convention after image boost in Toronto

Further Information

2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg: ric2019.rotary.de/en/