A Day in the Life of a Hamburg Hipster

(Ahoi Marie / ibid.)

Hipsters prefer an urban setting. Little wonder then that Hamburg is also hugely popular among hipsters. With their textile bags casually thrown over their shoulders, stylish couples can be seen cycling through Hamburg’s off-scene quarters on the River Elbe. You will find them in vegan restaurants, second-hand shops and all places with Wi-Fi. The most popular quarters among hipsters are the Schanzenviertel and St Pauli.

In Hamburg, life as a hipster is easy, as the city caters for all the hipster’s needs. A day in the life of a hipster starts in an eco-friendly way: with climate-neutral soap and a quirky toothbrush made of bamboo and nylon from the Hamburg-based online shop Hydrophil. A sustainable lifestyle is considered important, based on the motto: “Save the world and look good while doing it!” Once out and about in the morning, a fresh peppermint tea with leaves from the urban gardening project Gartendeck in St Pauli is enjoyed in a hand-painted maritime mug from Hamburg designers Ahoi Marie. On a Saturday morning, Hamburg’s hipsters mount their customised fine-tuned racing bikes and head for the Flohschanze flea market in the Schanzenviertel. Amidst the stalls around the historic Rinderschlachthalle they browse for retro furniture to embellish their stylish homes, and for unique vintage clothing – such as college jackets from the 1980s, old leather rucksacks and original Ray Ban sunglasses.

Original and stylish

The hipster’s shopping tour is continued in nearby Marktstrasse, where numerous vintage, designer and hippie shops are found in close proximity. This is also where Bent Angelo Jensen, Hamburg’s most renowned designer for hip fashion, has his studio. Under the “Herr von Eden” label he designs customised suits for Jan Delay and other leading figures from Hamburg’s music scene. At nearby Glore’s, the hipster will find beautiful fair trade fashion, and a few streets further down, Selekta Reggae Record Shop and Slam Records invite the hipster to browse their vinyl stocks. After all, vinyl is back, which is of course no news to any hipster. At Minimarkt and Lokaldesign, the hipster can enjoy young urban interior design, and many of the pieces stem from local manufacturers such as Hafenholz and The hipster can find charming accessories and original gifts made in Hamburg at the Kunstkiosk in St Pauli. Nearby on the Schanzenhöfe premises, the hipster can browse local labels and regional produce at the monthly neighbourhood market Hallo Frau Nachbar. The market is also frequented by mobile snack trucks from the region, among them Vincent Vegan, who offers grilled vegan burgers with delicious fried sweet potato chips.

Regional and sustainable

Once the new possessions have been packed into the textile or gym bag, the hipster can savour a nice cup of artisan coffee in the Neustadt quarter. Here, the Public Coffee Roasters offers anything but ordinary espresso: this coffee shop instead celebrates the renaissance of traditional ground coffee, honouring the hipster’s motto of taking things slow and easy. Now armed with his coffee, the hipster can enjoy a fresh sandwich from one of the adjacent regional deli shops, while browsing through high-end indie magazines. Before you know it, the night is setting in – and thus one of the hipster’s favourite times of the day. The night is rung in with a vegan burrito and a mate coffee at the restaurant Kombüse. The next stop is Couch Kapitän, where the hipster can enjoy a regional craft beer, or can even join a beer tasting session at the Altes Mädchen craft beer brewery and restaurant. While there, the hipster might want to drink up the courage for the Gruenspan’s Diary Slam, where later that night the hipster will recite cringy details from his diary.

And soon the day in the life of a hipster comes to its end, and the hipster, hand and hand with his loved one, cycles into the setting sun over the River Elbe. The hip life in Hamburg is simply beautiful – and certainly worth experiencing.